BMA-331 Bench-Mounted Automatic Heat Sealer

18” Long, ¾” Wide Jaws


The Jensen Sure Seal™ BMA-331 provides exceptional performance and enhanced control with thermal technology, a foot switch to start the sealing cycle, timer and temp adjustments, and more.

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  • Standard heating bars ¾” wide 18″ long; longer on special order
  • Variable digital temperature control
  • Automatic seal time
  • Foot-triggered heat sealer
  • Components are UL-recognized, listed or approved
  • NEMA 12-rated cabinet housing


All parts defective in material and workmanship. Defects that have resulted from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, accident or unauthorized tampering alteration or modification are not covered.

Limitation on Liability

Where permitted, the provisions of this Limited Warranty are in lieu of any other written warranty, whether expressed or implied, written or oral, including any warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose.

For How Long

The Jensen Sure Seal™ Limited Warranty lasts for one (1) year from the end user purchase date.

What We Will Do

We will, at our sole option, repair or replace any defective part within a reasonable period of time.

What We Will Not Do

Pay shipping or transportation charges from you to us.

What you must do to obtain Limited Warranty service

Return the product with proof of purchase and in the original packaging from an authorized Jensen Sure Seal™ dealer to Controlled Environment Packaging, Inc. 3951 Sovereign Drive Buford, Georgia USA 30518. Include your evaluation of the defect.

What you must do to obtain Limited Warranty service

This Limited Warranty is fully transferable provided that the current owner furnishes the original proof of purchase from an authorized Jensen Sure Seal™ dealer. The maximum liability of Jensen Sure Seal™ shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid by you for the product. In no event shall Jensen Sure Seal™ be liable for special, incidental, and consequential or indirect damage INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY MODIFICATIONS OR ATTEMPTS TO REPAIR BY THE CUSTOMER.

Operating Instructions

The heat sealer is an automatic time-controlled sealer. The BMA-331 Cepac® Sealer utilizes a foot pedal to initiate the seal cycle. The seal duration is determined by the adjustable timer. The temperature controller provides a wide range of temperature settings and the mounting clamp accommodates a wide range of table thicknesses.

  1. After removing the heat sealer from its packaging, mount the sealer to a table using a 3/16” Allen wrench to tighten the clamp screws. Be sure that the sealer is attached firmly to the table top. Plug the power cord into a 110 VAC outlet.
  2. The control panel consists of one each of; green LED light, timer, temperature control and air pressure regulator. The green LED light indicates that the power is on. The LED has three states: flashing slow = heating, flashing fast = too hot and cooling down, and steady on = at temperature. The timer indicates current seal time setting in seconds. The easy to adjust temperature control knob indicates current temperature setting.
  3. The air regulator controls the sealing bar clamping force. The regulator is factory set at 3 bars. To change the setting, loosen the locking ring, then turn knob until the desired bar is displayed on gauge. The sealer is shipped with a 1/4” NPT female threaded adapter to be connected to your shop air supply, that is recommended to be 80-100 Psi (1 Bar = 14.5 Psi).
  4. To set timer, turn until the arrow is at the time that is desired. The time setting dial can be turned while the timer is operating. However, the time for that operation will be incorrect. Do not turn the time setting dial to outside the timing range. Turn it carefully, do not turn it forcibly.
    • A) Turn the control knob to the desired temperature.
    • B) The LED indicator will flash at a slow rate as the bars are heating up to the set temperature
    • C) When the bars are to the set temperature the light will stop flashing and the light will be on.
    • D) Occasionally the light will begin to flash rapidly. This indicates the bars are above the set temperature, this will happen when the unit is first turned on and reflects the temperature controller turning itself.