About Us

We started manufacturing heat sealers in 2001, primarily out of frustration.

We could not find one on the market that would properly seal heavy duty, multi-layer barrier material.

  • Impulse sealers did not produce a strong enough seal.
  • Rotary sealers were okay but could not accomplish good seals in corners and on gussets.
  • The 6” futura sealer from Holland was ok but not robust enough for industrial use.
  • We tested a jaw type sealer from Germany but the seal pattern was unacceptable and replacement parts were near impossible to obtain.

The alternative, develop our own.

Our first prototype sealers were put to test 17 years ago packaging the forward section of a C-130 Hercules aircraft.  Over 600 feet of seals and not one failure.  We found our original sealer and started production in 2002.  The next sealer development, JSS-500 (featured here) has rapidly become far and away our best, most reliable sealer and has already sold more in 3 years than the original sold in 15 years. This is our sealer for the future.

We have manufactured and sold hundreds of our sealers primarily through word of mouth and referrals.  We look forward to the future by continuing to provide our customers with superior performance and reliability in all our sealing products.